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 Different types of LED module

LED module As you know, the main electronic components are in the production and distribution of the board, which in color, size and type of application are divided into different types. Hereinafter we will examine each of the differences of the LED module:
Different types of LED modules in terms of color
  - LED monochrome module: LED module, which is made up of a single monochrome LED, can display only one color, such as red module, green monochrome module, white LED module and ... . Of course, the best-selling and most widely used LED monochrome module is the red LED module.
- Three-LED LED Module: LEDs This type of LED module contains 2 main colors, such as the original red and green colors, which combine these two primary colors to create a third color, which is a combination of yellow color.
- Fully colored LED module: The design and construction of this type of modules is based on the three main colors of the LED, namely red, green and blue, and the combination of these three colors is capable of displaying 16 million colors.
Types of LED modules used in terms of location
The LED module is divided into two different types due to the type of space it is intended to be used.
- Outdoor Module: This module is designed for use in open environments and is therefore completely waterproof. Also, due to being directly under the sun, you need to have the possibility of viewing under the sun. Therefore, the intensity of the LED light of the OUT DOOR modules is higher than the other modules.
Indoor Indoor Module: This type of LED module is not waterproof and has lower light intensity and lower power consumption, because if the light intensity of the modules in the closed spaces is higher than the standard level, it will distract the viewer and allow viewing. Destroys the direct.
Types of LED modules in terms of size
  LED modules are designed and manufactured in different dimensions, but their typical size is 16 cm in height and 32 cm in the LED module, different sizes of other 25.6 * 25.6, 16 * 16, and ... is.
LED Module Quality Measurement Criterion
- Pixel density of the LED module
- Light intensity of the LED module
- Quality of LED module construction
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