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What is the full-color digital tube


Digital tube -to-date all the colors of lighting components, which has many advantages compared to other lighting is the equipment. This piece using advanced
technology and quality SMD light intensity is very high and in addition to and Depending on the type of materials used in manufacturing and assembly piece has
longevity and is also a very high resolution   
What is the use of full color digital tube?
This piece has been widely head in shops and malls, advertising boards, stands and exhibition stands , Background  letters as well as a representative office centers and commercial buildings in view used for lighting building facades The following are some of the advantages that makes this piece widely used digital
 tube  Partners building boards should be referred to the charges
What are the benefits of full-color digital tube?

· Playback 16 million colors simultaneously
· Play videos, animation and text
· Play thousands of attractive and diverse optical effects
· Easy planning via usb
· Easy and fast installation
· Waterproof and dust due to strong connections with washers and nuts are made of plastic.
 .Resistant against environmental conditions (waterproof and shockproof)
· Uniform image with the benefit of high stability and no vibration
· User-friendly with Windows software
Use all the colors creates an elegant atmosphere and dynamic digital tube to provide better advertising isWhich makes commercial and office space will be visible 
 and beautiful
In this regard, aratex company to expand the use of modern technology to monitor beautiful and decorated towers And buildings, as well as creating an
advertising space as part of the city trying to meet And buildings, as well as creating an advertising space as part of the city trying to meet A great and unique advertising medium used